What we do

Connect facilitation is one of many services offered by Intopia, all aimed at making the digital world as inclusive as possible.

Every person that’s part of the Connect is double opt-in. They register themselves to join the panel, and they accept each assignment on merit.

We collect information based on the types of technology used, how often they’re used, and what they’re used for. We then match that information up to your requirements. If you have a specific need, we’ll engage with potential participants ensure they meet your requirements. We can also adapt our testing to your needs, including focus groups and user research.

Here’s how the process works:


We promote the usability panel to individuals in the disability and accessibility communities. We also work with non-profit organisations to help us recruit a wide range of people with disability.


Once work is approved, we liaise with both users and facilitators to arrange when and how usability testing is conducted.


We facilitate all usability testing from start to finish, including timing, venue,  and location. We can also arrange testing facilities if required. We prepare scenarios in advance based on your requirements. After the session, we collate feedback from each individual user into a final report.


Usability testers are compensated for their time. Payment varies depending on the amount of time allocated, as well as any expenses such as travel.

How it works

Engage with us

Tell us what your requirements are, and we’ll come back to you with our recommended approach.

We facilitate

Once everything’s signed off, we work with you as well as with users to complete the research.

We report back

After the work is complete, we’ll compile a final report for you and talk you through it.