Real users. Real feedback.

Connect has people with disability or impairment who want to help make digital services more accessible. Each person has opted-in and indicated what services and products they use every day. They have also said what technologies or strategies they use to support their online experience.

We facilitate the process from start to finish. This makes sure the feedback will help you build and foster the best possible user experience.

About inclusive user experience

Help make the web an inclusive place for all

Do you want to help improve the accessibility of the online services and products you want to use?

Joining Intopia Connect will give you that chance. Tell us a bit about yourself and the technologies you use. We’ll get in touch when an organisation wants to hear from you!

Become a participant

Get real involvement from real users

Do you want to make sure your online service, website or application is usable by people with disability?  We can help with user research and usability testing. This will ensure that your work is accessible and is usable by the biggest possible audience.

We currently offer a variety of usability services to steer you in the right direction, and to give you the information and feedback you need.  We can help facilitate usability testing or support your team to run usability testing with our panel of people with diverse disabilities. Contact us if you have an immediate need.

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